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Below you’ll find the latest episodes of Mysterious Matters listed from newest to oldest.

Astronomer Bob Berman

Mysterious Matters returns for its 5th season!Our first guest of the 5th season is Astronomer Bob Berman, and we discussed pandemics of the past, distrust of the current vaccines, the James Webb Space Telescope, Airlines wanting to block 5G, and much more.

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Mysterious Matters Returns in 2022 with the Curator of Mysteries

The curator of mysteries, Bob Bain, has decided he’s been away far too long and has decided to make a return in 2022 to Mysterious Matters. The setup includes a Shure SM7B, and a Focusrite 4i4. It all begins in early January during the...

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Dream Science and Dream Phenomena with Bob Hoss

Dream expert Bob Hoss sat down for an enlightening and fun conversation focused on dreams.  Some topics touched on include: Do dreams influence serial killers Why do some people relive traumatic moments in their lives through their dreams A World Wide Web of Consciousness...

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ETs as Descendants of Humans: Dr. Michael Masters

Professor of anthropology and author Dr. Michael Masters joined the program to discuss his theories of what extraterrestrials are, and where they come from.  

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Brian Greene: Are we Living a Simulated Reality? | Scientific Mysteries

Brian Greene, a Professor of theoretical physics, joins Mysterious Matters for an insightful conversation concerning the reality of our perceived reality. In addition, we tackle the topic of time travel from a scientific perspective. How does Professor Greene deal with some of his work...

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Physicians’ Untold Stories of Afterlife Experiences

Bob commemorates the 2nd anniversary of his father’s death (May 12th, 2015 @ 3:00 PM) by having a candid conversation with Dr. Scott Kolbaba (a real, practicing physician). Their conversation focuses on stories of Bob’s own afterlife experiences with his Dad, as well...

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