Halloween Stories

Spiritual Entities with Rosemary Ellen Guiley

[powerpress] Rosemary Ellen Guiley joined The Farside to discuss her research into various paranormal and mythological phenomena.

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Haunted By The Things You Love: Rosemary Ellen Guiley and John Zaffis – Ghost Stories

[powerpress] Rosemary Ellen Guiley and John Zaffis crossed over to The Farside to discuss haunted items including death beds, haunted dolls, and haunted items from estate auctions. They cover many subjects in their latest book titled “Haunted By The Things You Love“.

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Ghost Hunter Confessions | Von Braschler | Ghost Stories

[powerpress] Today there’s a growing number of popular shows that purportedly¬†show self-proclaimed “professional ghost hunters” as they run around screaming like little girls with their hair on fire. In reality these types of shows aren’t based on the investigations of true professionals… but are based on the reality television series principle of entertaining the audience…

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