Alien Abduction Encounters & The Different Types of Alien Species

[powerpress] Harrowing stories of alien abduction and visitation, including encounters with the Greys, Mantids, Hooded Aliens and other entities. Bob Mitchell spent 35 years as an investigative Crime reporter and sports writer for the Toronto Star – before deciding to retire and focus on the topic of alien encounters and stories of alien abduction as…

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Planet X with Andy Lloyd | Nibiru / Anunnaki / The Kuiper Belt

[powerpress] Does Planet X Exist? On this edition of The Farside Paranormal Podcast, Bob Bain is joined by Planet X expert, Andy Lloyd. Andy Lloyd has been researching Planet X/Nibiru & The Dark Star theories for well over a decade. He brings his knowledge over to The Farside of reality for an intriguing conversation. A few topics we touched…

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