alien species

Alien Abduction Encounters & The Different Types of Alien Species

[powerpress] Harrowing stories of alien abduction and visitation, including encounters with the Greys, Mantids, Hooded Aliens and other entities. Bob Mitchell spent 35 years as an investigative Crime reporter and sports writer for the Toronto Star – before deciding to retire and focus on the topic of alien encounters and stories of alien abduction as…

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Alien Encounters of Chad, and Alta Dillard: A True Story of Alien Contact — Paranormal Radio

[powerpress] Chad, and Alta Dillard joined The Farside to discuss the multiple encounters they’ve had with “high strangeness”. When did these encounters first begin?

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The Existence of Extraterrestrial Life

Do extraterrestrials from another world, or another dimension, exist? If extraterrestrial beings do in fact exist, what are the possibilities that these extraterrestrial beings or dimensional beings are actively visiting, and according to thousands of independently investigated cases are not only abducting—but also experimenting with the human population?

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