[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]The following list comprises of individual audience members who have either made a one time contribution or a monthly contribution to their favorite podcast.  This list will be revised and more thought will go into its layout in the near future.

MMTUBE33-blackwhite Roche R. MMTUBE33-blackwhite Chriss P. MMTUBE33-blackwhite Lynne T.
MMTUBE33-blackwhite Alfred T. MMTUBE33-blackwhite Claire MMTUBE33-blackwhite Lyle F
MMTUBE33-blackwhite Quinn B. MMTUBE33-blackwhite Angie F. MMTUBE33-blackwhite Debi S.
MMTUBE33-blackwhite Greg   MMTUBE33-blackwhite Jeff N.  MMTUBE33-blackwhite 
MMTUBE33-blackwhite Holly D. MMTUBE33-blackwhite Joel E. MMTUBE33-blackwhite Amy W.
MMTUBE33-blackwhite Charles M. MMTUBE33-blackwhite Demonic Sweaters MMTUBE33-blackwhite Cheryl R.

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