World Predictions for 2015-2016: Prophetic Forecast with John Hogue — Predictions for 2016

Are you looking for World Predictions for 2015-2016 and Beyond?

Check out the Prophetic Forecasts for 2015-2016 (and goes into 2018-2020) as shared by a Prophetic Visionary. 

During this interview John touched on many interesting topics including Ferguson, Mo., Baltimore Md, Scotland leaving the UK by 2018, the UK disbanding by 2020. We also go into whether there is a rebellion against gender —Plus much more.

Will the next American Revolutionary War be warfare as we know it or will it be a Social Media Warfare?  Will countries begin suing other countries for refusal of allowing their products or services to be sold? Who will become the 45th President of the United States? 

All these questions and more are answered in this latest edition of Bob Bain’s Farside: Paranormal Podcast. Make sure to listen to the Presidential Election Predictions, John’s thoughts on Bruce Jenner, and if there is a Rebellion against Gender.

John Hogue was our guest on Friday, May the 8th.



John Hogue is the world renowned expert on the life and predictions of Nostradamus. Not only is John an expert on Nostradamus, but he is also a prophetic visionary in his own right. Bob once asked John if he was a seer like Nostradamus or a forecaster of potential future events—John’s response was that he was a little of both

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