UFO Dossier: 100 Years of Government Secrets and Conspiracies – Paranormal Podcast

There may be a secret so dark, so mysterious that even parts of the United States Government has zero access to this knowledgebase.  One has to wonder if there has truly been one-hundred years of government secrets, conspiracies, and cover-Ups, to such an extent that even some former, and present day, Presidents of the United States aren’t being kept in the loop about.

Kevin D. Randle Joined Mysterious Matters to discuss “The UFO Dossier: one-hundred years of government secrets, conspiracies and cover-ups”—and we dig into the depths of the material to find the underlying substances which may prove or disprove certain UFO cases.

Kevin Randle may be a retired Lieutenant Colonel and helicopter pilot but his interest in UFO’s began as a child when he was first exposed to science-fiction movies. Since then, Kevin has been researching the mysterious of the UFO phenomena, and has become one of the most renowned and respected investigators in the field of Ufology.

Topics Kevin and Bob touched on includes:


  • What was the Battle of Los Angeles (1942)
  • Are the Majestic Twelve (MJ12) documents authentic or fraudulent
  • Does the federal government, or a shadow government, control the media’s message when it comes to UFO’s (Disinformation)
  • Are some paranormal investigators so invested in their field that they become blinded by their own determination or desire to find evidence
  • Peyton Manning’s time in Tennessee (UT, University of Tennessee – Peyton Manning College Football )
  • Have there been reports of humans working alongside alien beings
  • When was the first report of an alien abduction case
  • How has alien technology advanced since our first encounter with it (including how aliens were first abducting humans to now)
  • The Washington D.C. UFO Sighting over the Capital building in 1952 What’s real, what isn’t)
  • Kevin picks his number one valid UFO event, and his number one fraudulent event
  • Plus much more!

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