The Science of Star Trek: From Science Fiction to Science Factual

Star Trek, beyond science fiction is a voyage to unveil the future of interstellar travel, and answers how Star Trek has directly influenced its progression. Beaming aboard Mysterious Matters is Andrew Fazekas—otherwise known as The Night Sky Guy.


STAR TREK: THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE True Science behind the Starship Voyages

When Star Trek fans hear the infamous opening line “Space: the final frontier,” it usually brings to mind favorite episodes from the classic show and intergalactic worlds visited by the crew of U.S.S. Enterprise during their five-year mission. But many of the galactic destinations featured in Star Trek over the years – multiple star systems, alien worlds, supernova explosions, emission nebulae, voracious black holes – are scientifically valid, so much so that one can step out and view them in the night sky. Space fans can boldly go where no one has gone before with STAR TREK: THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE: True Science behind the Starship Voyages by astronomy guru and educator Andrew “The Night Sky Guy” Fazekas with a foreword by Captain Kirk, himself, William Shatner.

As Star Trek celebrates its 50th anniversary in September, this big, beautiful beginner’s guide to the cosmos – planets, starts, galaxies and beyond – reveals the real science behind its fantastic and beloved fictions, inviting readers to step outside, gaze up at the night sky, and observe some of the destinations the Starfleet has visited. Fazekas takes Star Trek fans and astronomers alike on an incredible journey into space, starting with specific Star Trek voyages, explaining the science behind them, and guiding them in observing and learning more about the real-universe corollaries of planets and places in the Star Trek universe. Stunningly illustrated with more than 400 full-color images – some artists’ interpretations and some real images generated by the most recent NASA missions – plus 50 maps alongside stills of beloved Star Trek scenes and characters, STAR TREK: THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE is sure to open readers’ eyes to the fascinating world of astronomy while giving them a treasured bit of Star Trek memorabilia.

Every chapter is a voyage of discovery. From Altair to Vega, from red giants to white dwarfs, from solar system exoplanets only beginning to be imagined, the book visits dozens of celestial objects, spotlighting some 20 in careful scientific detail and offering easy-to-follow star-gazing instructions to find them in the night sky. No warp-driven starship, not even a telescope is required to go on these voyages: Most destinations are bright enough to be seen with the naked eye. This inventive book blends science and fiction, making learning fun and making Star Trek’s 50th all the more worthy of celebration.

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