The Presidents and UFOs: A Secret History of UFO Knowledge from FDR to Obama

Larry Holcombe, Author of ‘The Presidents and UFOs: A Secret History from FDR to Obama‘, sat down with Bob to discuss what past and present day Presidents of the United States know and do not know about the UFO Phenomenon.

 Did President Nixon Authorize A Disclosure Documentary

Yes! Back in the 1970’s (before the Watergate scandal) President Nixon was one of the most influential political powers in the Federal government. The Nixon administration did authorize an official disclosure documentary on extraterrestrial UFOs and it was called ‘UFOs: Past, Present, and Future’.

Sometimes the truth is strange than Fiction.

Are The Majestic 12 Documents Authentic

Larry believes the MJ12 documents are partially authentic.

While a majority of the documents are bogus, Larry does believe some of the most important parts of the MJ12 documents are authentic. Whomever was responsible for leaking this documentation went to a painstaking level to mix bogus material with authentic material.

Why Was JFK Assassinated

The JFK Assassination has about as many conspiracy theories related to it, as the moon has craters.One theory revolves around President John F. Kennedy demanding all intelligence that the federal government had on the ever growing UFO phenomenon. The CIA and the deeper, darker side of intelligence didn’t take kindly to JFK’s demands.

President Kennedy may have been assassinated in order to prevent UFO Disclosure.


What Do U.S. Presidents Know About The UFO Phenomenon

Current day Presidents know very little about the UFO phenomenon. President Bill Clinton had to ask his intelligence directors if he could tour Area 51, and he was allowed to but only after careful scrutiny.

Extraterrestrial UFO Intelligence is limited to a need to know basis, and according to Larry, President’s don’t need to know.The Presidents of today are figureheads — the true power may very well lie with a military or intelligence council.


CIA Operative Code named “Caretaker”

This may sound a bit like a character from the X-Files TV series but there is evidence of an individual who went by the name of “The Caretaker” and it was his responsibility to gather all intelligence of UFOs and Alien life. Anything and everything, dealing with extraterrestrial technologies and life, went through this CIA operative.

Was Project Blue Book A Disinformation Project

Essentially, Yes.Project Blue Book was never taken seriously and most of the true reports were never even written down within Project Blue Book.

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