The Ghosbuster Gals Return to share Ghost Stories for Halloween

Before the Ghostbusters were rebooted as an all woman team of paranormal “ghost busters”, starring Kirsten Wig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, there were already two ladies going around and performing real Ghost Busting duties; those gals are known as The Ghost Buster Gals.

On Wednesday night, we were joined by the Ghost Buster Gals for a live show and it was a night filled with not only stories of ghostly encounters but also of laughter. Angel Girl, and Witchy Woman expressed that laughter was important in the success of removing negative entities in the lives of their clients. 

Topics discussed included: 

Energy Nets Surrounding Ground Zero, Las Vegas and other locations, Are there certain types of entities that come out only on Halloween, Why do the gals laugh so much, their scariest moments, and more. 

We also discussed an EVP from the last show and here is the audio clip of that EVP. What do you think it says?



Websites and other links:

Got Ghosts? (Ghost Buster Gals Book)


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