Power of Chakras: Twelve Chakras & How to Work With Them | Plus Predictions for 2016 – Elizabeth Joyce | Astrologer and Psychic

Elizabeth Joyce, an American psychic, joined the Farside to discuss the new spiritual Chakras.  These new spiritual chakras became available to us around 2012.

Bob knew nothing about Chakras going into the interview, beyond what he read in Elizabeth’s book “The New Spiritual Chakras: and How to Work with them”.  He walked away with a new understanding and appreciation for the power of Chakras.

What are Chakras?

Chakras, according to Elizabeth Joyce, is our purest form of being. They are who we are on a spiritual level.  As we advance toward a more enlightened being, more of our true selves begin to open up to our physical selves.

 How many Chakras are there?

There are twelve Chakras.  

 Predictions for 2016

Elizabeth Joyce also shared some of her predictions for 2016 and beyond. She discussed how the prophecies come to her; through multiple forms such as visual and audible.

Here are some highlights of Joyce’s predictions for 2016:

  • ISIS attacks and chaos will be seen in Berlin, Paris, Rome, London, and possibly Hong Kong and Rio De Janeiro, as well as activity in the United States.
  • A lot of cold weather this winter in New England and Canada, with drought conditions in Australia. Skiing will be impacted in places such as Colorado and New England due to dangerous ice formations.
  • Excessive flooding will hit southern England, a volcano will cause problems in southern Italy, and disruptive storms and tornadoes will besiege Atlanta.
  • The unexpected death of Prince Charles from cancer will rock the Royal Family.
  • In the next 18 months, Japan’s southern islands will be covered by water.

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