Ouija Board Experiences: Spirits of the Ouija | What is Zozo | Ghost Encounters with Karen Dahlman

Karen Dahlman, A Leading, expert Ouijaologist, talked about her work with the Ouija Board and offered advice on how to best use the device. Having worked with the Ouija Board since 1973, Dahlman explained that she uses the instrument “as a tool to go deeper into consciousness” where she communicates with entities such as angels, spirit guides, and even animals. She observed that, although you can pose any question to the Ouija Board, the answers one receives are entirely dependent upon the entity answering the inquiry. “Just because I’m speaking to something that’s unseen,” she stressed, “doesn’t mean they are all knowing, all seeing, or have all the answers.”


Sharing insights into her process of using the Ouija Board, Dahlman said that it begins with showing reverence to the power that the device holds as well as the communication the may unfold. Beyond that, she advised users to be relaxed and centered before working with the board as well as receptive of whatever messages may be conveyed. Finally, she emphasized that repetition is a key factor in mastering the Ouija Board, noting that having a specific scheduled time to use the device is helpful in getting better communication. On how to get deeper insights from ‘the other side,’ she recommended avoiding ‘yes/no’ questions, which she called a “novice mistake,” since such inquiries do not allow the ‘voice’ to master their end of Ouija Board communication nor provide clear answers.

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