Mysteries of Spring-Heeled Jack: Plus Other Legendary Creatures ► Paranormal Podcast

England is said to be an ancient land between realms and this could explain the many mystical characters in its illustrious history. Today we explore the myths, the urban legends, and an occasional ghost story of England’s history.

John Matthews joined Mysterious Matters to discuss a Terrifying Victorian legend known as Spring-Heeled Jack. Spring-Heeled Jack was a tall, thin, bounding figure with bat-like wings (Many wonder if Bob Kane had known about this legendary figure prior to creating Batman), clawed hands, wheels of fire for eyes and breathed blue flames. He first leapt into public attention during the Victorian era of London England; springing over hedges and walls, from dark lanes and dark graveyards to frighten and sometimes physically attack people (curiously Spring-Heeled Jack mostly attacked women).

Also, brought up in discussion:

► Is there any truth to England being a land between realms (our realm and another)

► What is the legend of Spring-Heeled Jack

► What was Spring-Heeled Jack; Man, Demon or something else

►Is there physical evidence of such a person or being existed

► With Spring-heeled jack sporting knife like claws, could there be a connection between spring heeled-jack and jack the ripper?

► Were beings like Spring-heeled Jack, and the Krampus something along the lines of a Tulpa

► Has there been other reports of spring-heeled jack type beings around the world ►Spring-Heeled Jack’s popularity in the Steampunk Community

►Robin of Sherwood Forrest

► King Arthur

► Herne the Hunter (gathers souls of the departed)

Plus more!

Ghost Stories from Victorian England

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