Guide To The Afterlife: Traditions and Beliefs on Death, Dying and What Lies Beyond

What lies beyond this great façade of physicality (realm of molecule driven illusions) is the greatest mysterious matter of them all, and the real final frontier of exploration. Professor of History, Mark Mirabello of Shawnee State University joined the program to discuss the different world traditions and beliefs on Death, Dying, and What Lies Beyond.  

In this edition of the Award Winning Mysterious Matters Podcast, Bob Bain and Professor Mark Mirabello have an enlightening and controversial discussion, focusing on the various beliefs of what happens to us after we leave the physical world of perceived reality.

 ►What is Death

What exactly does death represent? Through our conversation Professor Mirabello discusses multiple belief systems and traditions on Life and on Death.   How do you know for a fact that you are actually alive…and not dead?

►Dream Molecules

Atoms, Elements, and Molecules are all around us but what if the reason we are seeing these elements is because we are dream beings.  What if all that we can see with the naked eye, and through advanced technologies are merely elements which make up our illusion of a physical state of being.

►Where is Heaven

Where is Heaven? That is a question asked by so many through thousands of years. People and even scientists have gazed into the sky, into space searching for evidence that Heaven, that God does exist.   But what if we cannot find Heaven, or God, not because they do not exist but rather because we exist inside of them. Just as we have cells running through our bodies, we may also be like living cells within the body of God.  There are some traditions that believe Humans have molecular galaxies, planets and life living within each one of us.

►Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Voodoo Honeymoon

Did you know that Bill Clinton and his new wife, Hillary Clinton went on a Honeymoon to Haiti (paid for by a family friend) and took part in a Voodoo Ceremony?  If this intrigues you then listen to the podcast to find out more!

►Belief that Halloween Allows for Thinning of the Veil

Thinning of the Veil is a word that describes an event that many believes actually happens every year in October.  The Veil is a fabric of space, time and frequencies—all separating physicalites (I describe physicalites as those who deem themselves as being of a physical nature) and the energy based forms of conscious beings (otherwise known as Angels, Elementals, Demons, Ghosts, Spirits, and Haints).    

Every year Professor Mirabello does a lecture on Halloween at Shawnee State University. He goes through the beliefs and traditions from its purest form as originated from the Celtic harvest, and roots tied to Paganism.

 These and so much more await you on Episode #81 of Mysterious Matters, the top rated Paranormal Podcast and Alternative Topic Podcast.  

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