Dark Spirits: Terrorized by the Supernatural (Ghost Hauntings, Pennywise, Paranormal Investigations)

Driven to the brink of insanity by some of the darkest encounters with the supernatural (ghosts, evil and sometimes demonic entities), Paranormal investigator Stephen Lancaster has made researching the afterlife, his life.  Stephen joined Bob—for this Halloween, ghost driven conversation—to discuss his recent work, including “Visitant: The Johnson Family Haunting”.

Take a listen to today’s haunting podcast episode as we explore topics such as:

► Stephen’s Paranormal Investigative Team

► How long should a professional investigator spend on researching a proposed case of a haunting (Haunted House, Haunted Hotel, Haunted Hospital…etc.)

►What are the weekend warriors of Paranormal ghost hunting groups

► Should we place any significant amount of trust into Orbs being anything other than a natural phenomenon

► Should EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) be considered as true, scientific evidence of a disembodied spirit or voice communicating with the living

► Ghosts are of the past, present and future

►Ghosts and intimidating creatures begin life with the thought that created them

►Mysterious clowns looming in the dark (Pennywise – Killer clowns)

►Legend of October, Halloween, being the one time out of the entire year where the realm of spirits is closest to our realm

► What were two of the scariest moments, or cases that Stephen has encountered in his entire Paranormal Investigative life

►Trunk or Treat and the implications of having children being taught it is safe to receive candy out of a trunk

Plus more!

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