British Legends and Facts: King Arthur and Robin Hood | Mysteries of William Shakespeare

For generations, people have been captivated by the legends of King Arthur and Robin Hood.  Archaeologists and historians have argued over the existence of these legendary men, some say the legends are nothing more…others however, claim Arthur and Robin Hood very much existed.

Historical researcher, Graham Phillips, believes he has found key evidence supporting a historical King Arthur, and a historical Robin Hood. Through piecing together mythological stories with known historical events, Graham proposes that he has found the lost tomb of King Arthur, as well as the Isle of Avalon.

Join Mysterious Matters on this expedition to find the truths behind King Arthur and Robin Hood.  Plus! We go searching for the real William Shakespeare.

Is it possible that William Shakespeare never really existed?

If there was in fact a real William Shakespeare…could he have been twins—one rich, the other poor, and each taking use of the name. Find out about the historical King Arthur, the historical Robin Hood, and find out if William Shakespeare was in fact a real person on this edition of Mysterious Matters.


The Lost Tomb of King Arthur: The Search for Camelot and the Isle of Avalon 

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