America’s Most Haunted Hotels: Uninvited Guests ► Ghost Stories ► Paranormal Podcast ► Horror

Millions of people check into hotels every day…some checkout without physically leaving their room, and sometimes they leave behind an energetic imprint of their final moments.

Join Bob Bain, and Jamie Davis Whitmer as they journey into the mysterious world of Haunted Hotels, where uninvited guests roam the halls, supernatural sounds ring throughout the rooms, and chills run along the spines of those who date to check in for the night.

As a former night auditor at a major hotel chain, Bob discusses his own beliefs of guests checking in and bringing their baggage with them…both the physical and spiritual variety.   

Topics touched on include:

►What are Jamie’s criteria for wanting to check into and investigate a haunted hotel

► Can only older buildings be haunted

► Suicides in hotels

► Experiences at the Stanley Hotel

► How intent creates a connection with like emotion energies

► Jerome Grand Hotel (900 people died during its time as a hospital)

► The Myrtles Plantation; Was Chloe a real person

► Haunted Georgia (Ghosts of Savanna Georgia)

► Kehoe House (Haunted—Former—Funeral Home)

► American Horror Story

Plus More!


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