Alien Intruders: From The Files of Budd Hopkins

To meet Debra Kauble on the street, you’d never know she has a remarkable past. When you find out she’s “Kathie Davis”, from Budd Hopkins’ 1987 book “Intruders”, the questions begin. The story of Debra’s abduction and the strange phenomena that has surrounded her family for years is as mysterious as it is enlightening. What happened to Debra before, during, and most importantly, after the abduction? 

* Debra discusses with Bob the current controversy surrounding the recent negative press by Carol Rainey, Budd Hopkins’ ex-wife. 

* She discusses her thoughts about Dr. Jacobs, who she met through Budd, and how she feels about his theory of aliens invading through a hubrid process, much like body snatching. 

* Debra talks about her own vanishing pregnancy and the heartbreak that went with it. 

* How does an abduction affect your faith and views of the paranormal? Debra tells Bob how the experience has changed her life, her spirituality, and her views of the world.

* Bob gets a surprise with some Class A EVP’s caught by Debra’s new career…as a paranormal investigator. She shares her theory of how everything is connected and where she thinks ET’s may live. 

It’s an exciting, insightful look at what happened to one abductee…straight from her own X-Files.

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