Alien Abduction Encounters: How Many Alien Races are Visiting the Earth | Plus Were Grey Aliens Created by the Anunnaki | Bob Mitchell

Harrowing stories of alien abduction and visitation, including encounters with the Greys, Mantids, Hooded Aliens and other entities. Bob Mitchell spent 35 years as an investigative Crime reporter and sports writer for the Toronto Star – before deciding to retire and focus on the topic of alien encounters and stories of alien abduction as a MUFON field investigator.

Before proceeding make sure your doors are locked. Make sure your windows are shuttered and also locked. But even those safe precautions may not be enough to prevent you from experiencing an alien abduction and having to endure experiments of extraterrestrial origin.


In this interview, Bob shares the stories of four alien abductees.

Grey aliens may have been created by another alien race called the Anunnaki – and these grey aliens may have been the humanoid slaves, and not the current day Human species as is believed by many people within the Anunnaki circle. 


A number of the experiencers that Bob Mitchell interviewed reported hearing telepathic voices, and having their thoughts controlled by the entities. While most of the encounters were characterized as unpleasant, people who dealt with Mantids– human sized aliens with insectoid bodies, surprisingly described the creatures as exceptionally nice. Additionally, the beings seemed to float a couple inches off the ground, he said. One interesting case involved a deaf abductee named Marion who conveyed to Mitchell her disturbing abduction experiences, which included visitations from hooded entities who came through the walls.


One case he investigated concerned the Pleasant Ridge UFO mystery which took place in Ontario in 1975. A farmer, Joe Borda, witnessed a bright metallic dome-shaped object land on his property, and a thought went into his head to walk away and ignore it. But two days later, he noticed there was a brown patch in his field where the object was, and the plants were bent over and burnt, along with a purplish oozing substance. Mysterious “investigators” requested to look at the site, and when they came out, Borda heard an odd electronic female voice.

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