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Mysterious Matters is a podcast that touches on a wide range of topics in the world of culture, science, the mysteries of our world, and beyond.

Landscape Of The Afterlife with Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Matthew McKay

Dr. Matthew McKay (Professor of Psychology at the Wright Institute) joined Bob Bain on Mysterious Matters to discuss his journey into conversing with his deceased son, Jordan. And he conveyed many of Jordan's messages. Bob also shared some of his own...

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James Webb Space Telescope and ‘Oumuamua with Astronomer Bob Berman

Bob Berman returns to Mysterious Matters to discuss the James Webb Space Telescope, 'Oumuamua, pandemics of the past, distrust of the current vaccines, Airlines wanting to block 5G, and much more.  

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Midnight Hour with The Ghost Buster Gals

Bob did a few live shows of different names between 2020 and 2021. This was one of those that he called The Midnight Hour. Mysterious Matters was never aired live. But The Farside and others were.  

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Dream Science and Dream Phenomena with Bob Hoss

Dream expert Bob Hoss sat down for an enlightening and fun conversation focused on dreams.  Some topics touched on include: Do dreams influence serial killers Why do some people relive traumatic moments in their lives through their dreams A...

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UFO and Alien Theories: Could Aliens Be Our Descendants

Professor of anthropology and author Dr. Michael Masters joined the program to discuss his theories of what extraterrestrials are, and where they come from.  

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Professor Brian Greene: Conversation with a Theoretical Physicist – Time Travel

Brian Greene, a Professor of theoretical physics, joins Mysterious Matters for an insightful conversation concerning the reality of our perceived reality. In addition, we tackle the topic of time travel from a scientific perspective. How does...

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