Welcome to the Nest

Welcome to the Nest

Located at the edge of The Farside and the corner of perceived reality, there sits a lovely little woods. The owner of this prime real estate is Bob Bain, who has generously offered me the opportunity to pick a tree, climb out on a limb, and offer you my views of all things paranormal from my newly built nest.

For those of you not already familiar with me from Bob’s other endeavor, Midnightdesert.com (formerly Beyonddarkmatter.com), allow me to introduce myself. My name’s Debi and the owl is my symbol. I’ve been dealing with the paranormal since the age of 5, and, as a rather older bird, it’s been quite the interesting life flight. I was investigating the paranormal before some of you were probably born and way before it became an accepted interest. I’m an intuitive/sensitive with a Mystic/Wiccan past and have a deep devotion to all things spiritual. Over the years, I’ve dealt with ghosts and demons, house cleansings, learned the ways of magic and energy, and gathered a bit of wisdom of most things paranormal.

My purpose for setting up my little nest here on The Farside is simple. As an elder in the field of the unknown, I hope that offering some of my insights might shed a light for those who wish to use them as learning tools. I don’t have all the answers, and if someone tells you they do you need to run quickly in the other direction. I can but offer you my own perspective of things and hope you will take those as starting points to find your own truths. The Divine speaks to each of us differently, and perhaps a thought or two here will help guide you on your own journey.

I don’t have a book to sell you. I don’t do private readings and I won’t charge you a dime for my opinion. If you have an issue or topic you’d like me to discuss, or need a little help with a paranormal problem, feel free to send me a note with the particulars and I’ll address them here. I’ll keep you anony”mouse” and not feed you to the neighbors, I promise! If I don’t have the answers, I’ll make every effort to find them for you or find someone who does.

In future articles, I hope to cover everything from magical spells and intention to ghosts in the closet. You may feel I throw nuggets of wisdom out of the nest, or you may feel it’s nuggets of bird poop, but, either way, I invite you to visit me here in the woods bi-weekly.

To start things off, I recently had a discussion with Malakai on the forum that reflects a question often asked: Are we crazy to believe in our paranormal experiences?

Malakai said:
My theory is that this reality, and others, operate on different “frequencies”. Much like tuning into a different radio station, people can tune into different realities. A person who sees things or hears voices could very well be crazy, but perhaps they are picking up “transmissions” from other realities. Who’s to say the brain isn’t an antennae of sorts, and a messed up brain’s “hallucinations” and a clairvoyant’s “visions” aren’t one in the same.”

I agree with your theory, Malakai. I also see the universe as dimensional and operating on freqencies. There appears to be some scientific support to this now coming forth. I would also like to expand a bit on your thoughts about hallucinations vs. visions.
As a former health care professional, some of the most profound spiritual lessons I’ve learned over the years are from people who have been labeled “mentally ill” by our current standards of diagnoses. Let me just say that I’ve found that the Creator speaks to us in many ways and through many sources. If, in fact, someone is diagnosed as “mentally ill”, it does not negate a truth being a truth. Who’s to say how the Divine reaches us? And through what doorway or means?

Looking back in time, you need only to look at the Bible to see how our current standards of judging someone’s mental state has changed. By today’s mental health standards, Ezekiel and his Wheel would be an immediate diagnoses of mental illness. John of Patmos, for Revelations, would also be considered quite “crazy.” Many seers and those visionaries such as Joan of Arc or even Helen were once thought crazy or witches but are now considered saints. Even Jesus would be labeled as having Grandiose Delusions for believing himself to be the Son of God and hit with numerous prescriptions to alter his perceptions.

Perhaps we need to look more closely at those with differently “wired” brains/receptors. I would most certainly say that we must always be open to truths brought to us by unusual sources. The caveat that I would add to this is to always be wary of those who would use their knowledge with bad intentions or to harm. If the visions tell you to go murder someone, you are dealing with the wrong frequencies here! Keep your thoughts and vibrations attuned to the higher planes and remember you are responsible for your own actions. Love is the highest vibration/frequency. Strive to connect with that energy.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting me here at The Owl’s Nest. Until next time, don’t fear the dark and fly high in the Light.



  • Roy
    April 17, 2015, 12:15 am

    Great article Debi! Looking forward to seeing your future posts!

  • Rebecca
    July 15, 2015, 6:21 pm

    Deb, when I was sick, I heard mostly the evil voices, the ones that gang up and scream in your ears like a Greek chorus. When I started on my path to recovery, I heard the encouraging voices, not to give up, that getting a niacin flush (finally) was a good sign, it was a sign I was addressing something that was out of kilter with my metabolism. It’s been a journey of more than 40 years, but I have a fairly good idea of what the disease is. You need to educate yourself on something called purine metabolic disorder. My father had gout, and gout is a PMD. PMDs are also associated with autism. There are ‘extreme’ diseases associated with PMDs, but those represent the tip of the iceberg. I prefer the British site (http://www.pumpa.org.uk/about.php) to the American site (http://www.purineresearchsociety.org/). The Brits mention the loss of immunity. This is where the gluten sensitivity thing likely happens. Here’s a third site as an explanation of PMD (http://www.greatplainslaboratory.com/purine.html) Yes, I am gluten free, but as I went through menopause, I started having problems with legumes. Not just soy and peanuts and guar gum, but kidney beans and chick peas, etc. I consider legumes to be the trigger for another autoimmune dysfunction. I also suspect there is a sex hormone mitigating the effect, partly based on my observation about the change of life effect, and comments on a couple websites that about what happens at the onset of puberty. (For example, this from the Purine Research site: "The excessive uric acid production during the childhood of children with autism greatly diminishes or disappears at puberty." My cholesterol levels had always been extremely high, after I got the last of the allergen out of my diet (soybean oil in mayonnaise), my cho. reading dropped over a hundred points. And the inflammation in my belly…a source of constant eating to assuage the pain ceased. My last point in making this argument is that beans are nitrogen fixers, I think for those of us with PMDs, legumes, alfalfa and clover continue to mess with nitrogen functions in our metabolism.

    That’s my two cents worth. Medicine is extremely conservative, and it’s difficult to convince a physician to reconsider a real disorder from a different angle. They fall back on what they know and exclude any other possibilities.

    The voices I heard…very likely from a B12 deficiency. I used to get into arguments with them because I took the position that my family loved me, and I couldn’t really attribute them to feels of low self esteem, or whatever. Therefore, the voices had to be coming from somewhere else. When you have a chronic disorder, especially with B vitamin deficiencies, like niacin and cobalamin, imagine what this does to the human aura. I’m sure mine was practically nonexistent, and that made it easier for attachments to happen.

    Very pleased to have the chance to talk about it. I’m getting older and the revolution isn’t coming unless I bring it. Let me know if you have any questions…I’ve only scratched the surface.

  • Debi
    July 15, 2015, 11:40 pm

    Hi Rebecca.

    Thank you for your thoughts on the subject. I cannot give medical advice of any kind and my approach to the topic is from a purely spiritual viewpoint. There are certainly many reasons for a variety of mental health issues and only a physician or mental health professional is able to assist someone in a proper diagnoses.

    Each soul is different, and the way we receive information is also different person to person. My goal within this article is to simply point out those differences. Sometimes, that "still small voice" within is Spirit speaking…and sometimes it’s not. We must be open to the possibilities, and use discernment when dealing with others who tell us they have had visions or prophecies given to them. We cannot just simply dismiss them as "crazy" as many in this world are now wont to do.

    Coming from a medical background myself, I admire your tenacity and research in finding something that has helped you. You mention that being in a rundown state or low aura state makes it easier for things to attach to someone. In my opinion, I believe this to be true as well.

    Thank you for weighing in on the topic, Rebecca! I appreciate you taking the time to share!

    Blessed Be,



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