Tuning Into the Afterlife Frequency with Mark Anthony
July 02, 2024x
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Tuning Into the Afterlife Frequency with Mark Anthony

Recorded LIVE!

Join Bob Bain, the curator of mysteries, for an electrifying episode of "Mysterious Matters," now in its monumental 10th season! Streaming live from Nashville, TN, this episode features a riveting conversation with the renowned Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer. Together, they explore the fascinating concept of the Afterlife Frequency, delving into the profound mysteries that lie beyond our physical existence.

Mark Anthony, a world-renowned psychic medium and legal expert, brings his unique insights and experiences to the table, offering a compelling discussion on how the afterlife communicates with the living. This episode promises to unravel the enigmatic connections between the physical and spiritual realms, providing listeners with thought-provoking perspectives and potentially life-changing revelations.

In a special and touching moment, Bob's beloved dog Snowball comes through to Mark during the show. They discuss how Snowball has been appearing in Bob's dreams as a black man, adding a deeply personal and emotional layer to the conversation.

Expect an engaging dialogue filled with personal anecdotes, expert knowledge, and deep dives into the nature of consciousness and the afterlife. Whether you're a seasoned follower of the paranormal or a curious skeptic, this conversation will challenge your beliefs and open your mind to new possibilities.

Tune in to this special live episode, recorded live with Bob Bain on video for the first time in two years. Despite his nerves, Bob is back and ready to take you on a captivating journey into the unknown.

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Prepare to be enlightened and amazed as we venture into the Afterlife Frequency with Mark Anthony!

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