The Price of Immortality: Inside the Race to Live Forever with Peter Ward
April 15, 202201:06:4638.18 MB

The Price of Immortality: Inside the Race to Live Forever with Peter Ward

Join host Bob Bain in a captivating discussion with Peter Ward on the quest for eternal life. This episode of Mysterious Matters delves into the groundbreaking efforts and ethical dilemmas faced by those striving to extend human lifespans. Discover the advancements, setbacks, and the true cost of pursuing immortality.

Explore key topics such as:

  • Why Do We Age and Die?: Uncover the biological mysteries behind aging and mortality.
  • How to Live to 100, 1000, or Even 10,000 Years: Discover the latest scientific insights and theoretical approaches to drastically extending lifespan.

  • Reaching Escape Velocity for Immortality: Learn about the concept of escape velocity in the context of human life extension.

  • Aubrey de Grey's Longevity Program: An in-depth look at the pioneering work of Aubrey de Grey and his strategies for combating aging.

  • Tech Billionaires' Eternal Life Programs: Insight into the ambitious longevity projects funded by today's tech moguls.

  • Transhumanists and Extropians: Meet the communities advocating for human enhancement and radical life extension.

  • Aging Hacks: Practical advice on diet, exercise, supplements, stem cells, and telomere research to slow aging.

  • Ray Kurzweil's Vision: Explore the bold predictions and innovations of futurist Ray Kurzweil in the field of longevity.

  • Cryonics: The science and promise of preserving life through cryonics.

  • Nanotechnology's Role in Life Extension: How nanotech could revolutionize health and longevity.

  • Brain Preservation: The emerging field of brain preservation and its potential to maintain consciousness.

  • Mind Uploading and Digital Immortality: The futuristic idea of transferring human consciousness to digital platforms.

  • The Immortalist Movement: A look at the global movement dedicated to achieving eternal life.

Join us for a thought-provoking journey into the future of human longevity with our special guest, Peter Ward, as we examine the price of immortality and the relentless race to live forever. Don't miss this episode packed with insights, innovations, and intriguing possibilities for the future of mankind.

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