Month: February 2015

Most Documented Modern Day Mystic, Elizabeth Baron — Sandy Frazier – Love & Light

[powerpress] Elizabeth Baron was one of the world’s best documented mystics, exorcists and psychics. She helped solve many cases with the FBI and local police from multiple localities. Her daughter, Sandy Frazier crossed over to the Farside to share her mother’s story.

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World’s Most Haunted House: The True Story of a Poltergeist in Connecticut

[powerpress] What happens when a magician investigates the world’s most documented haunted house? Does he debunk the haunting or does it leave him perplexed?  Listen to this interview and find out. William J. Hall is a magician who one day became interested in whether a house was truly haunted or if it was another case…

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Immortal Consciousness: What Is The Future of Human Consciousness? Anthony Peake

[powerpress] Anthony Peake joined The Farside to further discuss the Human Consciousness. A more in-depth write up will follow. Knowledge Base of Consciousness Is there such a thing as a knowledge base consisting of wireless signals of information that is filtered by our human brain? What does it mean to be Conscious Guest Website: Anthony…

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