Month: August 2014

The Devil She’s Known: Psychic Jackie Barrett | Amityville Ronald Defeo | Zodiac Killer – Paranormal Podcast

[powerpress] American Psychic, Jackie Barrett joined the Farside to discuss her latest work including an upcoming book, and television mini-series. Was Ronald Defeo Possessed by a Demon, or was he Just crazy?

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The Dynamics of Astral Projection — The Farside

[powerpress] Robert Bruce joined the Farside to give us in-depth knowledge about the power of Astral Projection. When was Robert’s first experience with Astral Projection?

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Mysteries Surrounding Gobekli Tepe: It Predates Stonehenge By 6,000 Years | Andrew Collins on The Farside, Paranormal Radio & Podcast

Alien Encounters of Chad, and Alta Dillard: A True Story of Alien Contact — Paranormal Radio

[powerpress] Chad, and Alta Dillard joined The Farside to discuss the multiple encounters they’ve had with “high strangeness”. When did these encounters first begin?

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Grey Alien Agenda: The Hybridization of Human DNA with Alien Genetics — Paranormal Podcast

[powerpress] What is the true agenda of the Grey Alien; are they coming here to give humans of the earth technology that is superior to our own (like giving new candy to an eager child) or are they here to assimilate us for a sinister purpose? The human DNA is unique in its characteristics. Although…

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