• The Horsefly Chronicles : Portal of Demonic Entities

    The Horsefly Chronicles : Portal of Demonic Entities0

    [powerpress] What would you do if a demonic entity followed you back to the earth as you reincarnated? There are many who may lay claim to having inner demons.   What they mean by that is certainly not what Phil Siracusa means when he talks about the demonic entities in his life; entities that, as he

  • Karen A. Dahlman0

    Past Shows: Mysteries Of The Ouija Board Friday, April 3rd, 2015 Where most view the Ouija Board (or Spirit Board) as an open portal to evil spirits and possession, Karen Dahlman views such belief as a largely overblown theory based on fear.   Karen takes us on her spiritual journey and explains the proper usage of

  • Hidden Messages in Sound – The Farside

    Hidden Messages in Sound – The Farside0

    [powerpress] Are there secret messages residing inside everyday, verbal communication? Brian Jones is an audio-psychic medium. One who has conducted 16 1/2 years of research and experimentation into an unusual phenomenon called energy signals or psychic information.