Bob Bain

Pet Psychic | Spiritual Pet Communications

Pet Psychic communicates with both alive and deceased animals. Pet Psychic, Carrie Kenady joined the Farside to discuss her abilities and what an interesting conversation it turned out to be.During the time we spent together Carrie admitted that she was a triple-clairvoyant. Carrie has the ability to not only speak with your loving pet (or…

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John Hogue: Nostradamus Expert

John Hogue talks about discerning the Factual Nostradamus from the Myth of Nostradamus. John Hogue joined the Farside for our inaugural edition of the Podcast and we discussed several different topics including whether John is a Prophetic Seer like Nostradamus or a Prophetic Forecaster. John’s answer was kind of a surprise to me. We also touched on:…

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