The Punnett of Talk Radio

Ian Punnett – former coast to coast am host – sat down with us to discuss a myriad of topics including:

What’s he been up to since leaving Coast to Coast AM?

An update on his Tinnitus.

Art Bell.

What does he think of Art Bell and George Noory?

Comic Books.

Magic 8-ball underwear.

The Smiley Face Killers

From 1998 until 2013 Ian Punnett was the weekend host.

During those years, Ian was even the fill-in host for both Art Bell and George Noory.

On Sunday, July 14th of 2013, Ian Punnett said farewell to his longtime listeners and the Coast chair.
He began experiencing severe ringing in his ears; something that is commonly known as Tinnitus.

On this special, non-paranormal, edition of The Farside we sit down with Ian Punnett and discuss what he’s been up to since elevating the Coast to Coast AM program.

Does Ian have intentions of returning to either Coast to Coast or another Radio program….possibly even to a television series like Sightings or Unexplained Mysteries? Tune in and listen as he explains his future goals.

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Broadcast Career


How did Ian Punnett get started with Coast to Coast AM?

He had already been a listener and fan of Art Bell’s program when due to Art Bell’s severe back problems, the new owners of Coast to Coast AM decided they needed to bring in backup hosts.
There had already been several others brought in such as Hilly Rose and Whitley Strieber.
Ian was kind of an oddball and didn’t exactly fit into the mold of what the network was looking for, so they placed him with a show they felt would be best suited for him.
They wanted Ian to bring his professional broadcast abilities to the Coast to Coast AM program.

Ian Punnett’s Time with Coast to Coast AM

Phoenix Comic Con

Is there an update on the Smiley Face Killers?

Will Ian Punnett Return to Broadcasting?


If Ian Punnett could Travel in Time, Where would Ian go?