Fighting Malevolent Spirits: A Demonologist’s Darkest Encounters with Evil – Samantha Harris – Paranormal Podcast

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Demonologist, Samantha Harris talks about her severe cases of Fighting Malevolent Spirits

Samantha Harris joined The Farside Paranormal Podcast for what was supposed to have been a live show on Friday evening. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties, the show did not air live as planned… however, the show still happened.

Topics touched on include:

 How did Samantha get involved with the paranormal?

 What is the Incubus  Succubus Entity?

 How does one study to fight Demonic entities?

 Shape shifting spiritual entities

 Sexual entities with genitals that can be felt

 Mimicking attributes of demonic beings

 Is the Slender man a demonic enitity?

 How does someone protect themselves from evil spirits?

 How do evil spirits become attached to the living?

 Plus more!

What are Sex Demons of the Night?

The sexual demonic entities that plague individuals at night are called – by humans – Incubus and Succubus, or other times known as more of a combined wording without using “and” such as; Incubus Succubus.


This show makes for a great listen if you are interested in Demonic entities, true ghost stories, or if you’re just looking for something spooky.

Samantha Harris has appeared on many TV shows including:

Destination America

A Haunting

Most Terrifying Places in America


2 comments on “Fighting Malevolent Spirits: A Demonologist’s Darkest Encounters with Evil – Samantha Harris – Paranormal Podcast

  1. Belenkas Belenkas says:

    Humans alot of misunderstanding of alot of paranormal concepts like sex demons or cleansing or haunting ets

  2. Belenkas Belenkas says:

    Hi Samantha Harris

    First of all sorry for my bad English ,i just wanted to say some
    important things to you ,your work is amaizing but you still in the
    first step toword spirituality,thier is alot you still dont know
    ,spirituality is unlimited world and it could hurts you badly or damage
    you,you are not protected spiritualy,your doors are open and this will
    invite sooner or later an savage evil entity to revange for all the good
    things you do to help others,the evil will not allow you to continue in
    your work, you would sooner or later suffer from this symptoms like
    for example unclear dreams,nightmares,social or emotional problems,maybe
    economical problems,sicknes,weak body or weak emuen system,maybe
    hermons problems,unstable mode,lake in social relations,fear from
    darknes or fear of being alone,imagining things and ets in the wors
    case you might face bad things like bad illnes or accidents

    Any way you need realy some more spiritual education and protection
    specially when you deal with evil demons or black shadows, i can help
    alot ,it dosent metter who im now you can say im spiritual healer or
    paranormal expert,i already fought alot against the evil ones and i
    helped alot of pepole in thier battle against sicknes or cancer or
    demons,and it is my plesure to help you befor the evil take over you

    Remeber Demons are similar to cancer or virus,emotional power and
    training is verry important to weakend the cancer, mental balance is
    also sharp weapon against the cancer like meditation

    I can be great help in any field me to be in

    yours Rayan

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