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John Hogue talks about discerning the Factual Nostradamus from the Myth of Nostradamus.

John Hogue joined the Farside for our inaugural edition of the Podcast and we discussed several different topics including whether John is a Prophetic Seer like Nostradamus or a Prophetic Forecaster.

John’s answer was kind of a surprise to me.

We also touched on:

  • Debunkers who call themselves skeptics
  • Future Humanity that understands a great and mysterious existence
  • Imaginary Gods
  • We are Gods and Goddesses
  • More….

John also took the time to share his beautiful singing voice with us.

This was just a little over an hour long interview and as such we did not get into actual predictions for 2014. Consider this as a Part one…of a two part interview.
John has stated that he enjoyed himself and would indeed like to return.

There were some technical difficulties that arose on my end and due to that John’s Skype video did not fully record. In fact, only 3 minutes of the full interview was recorded on Video.
I am looking into another, alternative way to record Skype videos.


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