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Pet Psychic communicates with both alive and deceased animals.

Pet Psychic, Carrie Kenady joined the Farside to discuss her abilities and what an interesting conversation it turned out to be.
During the time we spent together Carrie admitted that she was a triple-clairvoyant. Carrie has the ability to not only speak with your loving pet (or any animal, including those who have passed on into another dimensional layer), but she is also able to feel their emotions, as well as see images that your pet sends her way.

Creating a Psychic Bridge between humans and animals.

Carrie Kenady is not only a Pet Psychic but she can also communicate with those human loved ones who have left this dimensional layer. Although she no longer actively advertises that she does these types of readings.  She found herself able to speak with animals after already being able to speak with human spirits.

Carrie is in a transitional stage of her life where these abilities are making themselves known to her and as time progresses these abilities will become stronger and more focused. Carrie is also a certified Reiki master. In this conversation Carrie shared that all animals are able to understand portions of the spoken word. But most times they associate your words with an image or an emotion.

Now, after the fact, I would  have loved to asked her if she has ever spoken with any animals who have an accent, or perhaps spoke with a different language. Perhaps another day.  Much more was discussed. Listen to the Podcast and if you enjoy it make sure you get every episode once released by subscribing through iTunes.

Topics that were covered:

  • Her Psychic ability to Communicate with all animals; Wild and tame.

  • Do Animals and Humans share the same type of Soul (The Human soul)?

  • How do animals speak; are they speaking in words or an image?

  • Is there a connection between animals and people with disabilities?

  • Is this ability instant or does it have to be turned on?

  • Interspecies Friendships.


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