Similarities between Wicca, Mysticism and Christianity – Farside Paranormal Podcast


Learn the differences & similarities between Wicca, Mysticism and Christianity.

In this episode of the Farside Paranormal Podcast we delve into the world of religion and discuss the differences and similarities between three specific religions; Wicca, Mysticism and Christianity.
There are many people who will adamantly proclaim that the first two are not true religions, but instead are of a dark ageā€¦ and of dark intents.

It is true that Wicca and Mysticism are two of the least understood religions, and the most reviled by traditional Christians due to many misconceptions.

In order to get to the truth, The Farside invited a member of the Beyond Dark Matter social forum to discuss her personal experiences with the three religions.

Beyond Dark Matter member, Debi, sat down to discuss her journey from Wicca to Mysticism and much, much more.

Some topics that were touched on include:

What are the similarities between Wicca and Christianity
Is Wicca magick* real
Does magick work on everyone, or just those who believe in it
Does the bible speak against all Magick
Ouija board encounters
Was God a physical being before becoming God
Did God have two sons
Was Lucifer a mere Angel, or was he the eldest son of God
What resides in Dimensional Levels
Magnetic Information Waves
* Magick is the spelling used to differentiate between those who have power over natural resources, and those who perform stage magic.




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