An Atheist encounters Reincarnation – The Farside


One Man’s story of Reincarnation.

Many people have wondered whether life is a recycling wheel of education, where the living soul during some spiritual class has to decide what their next life plan will be.

Would a soul who, in the last previous lifetime, was a man with great love for women… choose to return in the form of a woman in its next life?
Would a murderer choose to return as a possible murder victim?

1 comment on “An Atheist encounters Reincarnation – The Farside

  1. Daicorion says:

    Nice interview and podcast. But. It’s now more than 2 years later, and although the world isn’t exactly in a good state, it’s still far from ending. There has been no major extinction-type event, as Frank Mares seems to indicate at the end of this show. I liked his presentation and his enthusiasm and I think he’s genuinely convinced of the truth of his expereiences, but IMO “prophesies” like these show that what’s being “channeloed” in these ways, or seemingly told to sensitive people, doesn’t have to be the truth. It could be your own subconcious hopes and fears interfering, or it could even be a not so benevolent spirit trying to have fun,

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