Do extraterrestrials from another world, or another dimension, exist?

If extraterrestrial beings do in fact exist, what are the possibilities that these extraterrestrial beings or dimensional beings are actively visiting, and according to thousands of independently investigated cases are not only abducting—but also experimenting with the human population?

In part one of a multi-part article we will be focusing on theories.

Theories are all that we have to go on at this time, and who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of pure conjecture.

Although there are tens of thousands of individuals claiming to have experienced something otherworldly – With alien abductions, and close-up UFO sightings being just two of many such experiences – there are not many who are able to rationally comprehend these activities; activities that have invaded their lives.

In fact a large percentage of abductees may have absolutely no idea they were – or are being – abducted. Much less subjected to experimentation—as though they were a rather large guinea pig.

For every abductee, there remains some inkling of a strange occurrence. Some – especially children – may remember small portions of the encounter with these memories coming across as shattered pieces of a mirror. Reflecting small portions, one piece at a time; making it appear as an inward, dreamlike, reflection.

The questions are many.
The answers are fewer and farther between, with a slim percentage of cases holding substantial substance that can provide factual, investigative, evidence.

More to come