Symmetry of Alien Encounters and UFOs

Preston Dennett and Dolly Safran joined MYSTERIOUS MATTERS to discuss Dolly’s personal experiences with Alien Visitors. Dolly Safran was first visited by extraterrestrial beings when she was merely a few months of age. Dolly claims to vividly remember every detail of her alien visitation experiences, and the conversations that she has held with these intelligent beings.

At one time Dolly Safran was lured toward an alien craft through an old trick they use, a trick of holographic impressionism, and created in her mind the imagery of Mary Poppins. That captivated a young girl who loved the recently released movie of Disney’s Mary Poppins. Learn what Dolly claims a real UFO/UAP looks like, and how it operates, from a person who claims she has operated such a craft. Today you will hear her “real-life” experiences and hear from her about why she despises the term Alien Abduction.

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