The Brainphone Prophecy with Dr Scott Snair

 Dr. Scott Snair first became concerned about he adverse effects that smart devices have on Humanity as a College Professor, teaching a classroom full of adults who were more attuned to their chosen social media platforms, and messaging platforms, than the education he was providing and they were paying for.

On this episode of MYSTERIOUS MATTERS Bob and Scott dwell deep into the not too distant future where Humans will choose to be connected 24/7.

  • What is the Future of Humanity?
  • Should we be concerned with where the Digital Revolution is Heading?
  • Will Crypto like Bitcoin be the only accepted form of payment and transferred from brain to brain?
  • Will non complying Humans be shunned by the smart chip enhanced humans?
  • Can these smart chips be used to enslave workers to the demands of employers?

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