Confessions of a Former Scientologist: The Dark Side of Scientology

Karen de la Carriere was married to the President of the Church of Scientology—Heber Jentzsch (Mentor to such celebrities as John Travolta). Today Karen discusses her life inside of Scientology and the Aftermath of leaving Scientology. [adinserter block=”1″]

Topics touched on include:
► How did Karen become known as the “Queen of Scientology”

► What was Karen’s life like while she was married to the President of the Church of Scientology

► How are the average members of Scientology treated compared to the members who are either Powerful, or are Celebrities

► Karen’s ex-husband and President of Scientology, Heber Jentzsch had an influential relationship with celebrities like John Travolta; Did this powerful influence, cause Heber’s eventual downfall

► Does Scientology use Social Warfare against both members in good standing and suppressive ex-members; using family to fight family

► Does Scientology force abortions

► Does Scientology manipulate married couples to get divorced

► Secret imprisonment compound for members of Scientology; It is said that Heber Jentzsch and Shelly Miscavige (David Miscavige’s wife) are both prisoners in one of these secret compounds and face horrendous conditions

► Do Scientologists refuse proper medical treatment (such as much needed medications and other treatments) because their cult denies them that right

► Violence and severe depression inside the Sea Org Campuses

Plus much more on Part two of our Confessions from a Former Scientologist Podcast Series. If you’re a fan of Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath then you will want to listen to this episode to hear in-depth confessions from former Scientologists.  If you are a former Scientologist and would like to share your own experience then please get in touch with Bob @



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4 comments on “Confessions of a Former Scientologist: The Dark Side of Scientology

  1. Damon Charles Webb says:

    interesting interview, thank you for your archive. however i have a problem with a comment at the end, she says scientologists dont drive, well i have a close friend whose family is heavilg involved and they make the drive from palmdale to the church in LA everyday, so….

  2. Michael Pattinson says:

    I have known Karen since 1975. She is truly a top authority on all things Scientology. I was in Scientology for 25 years and reached the highest levels available. I eventually found out that all the lofty promises and results were unfounded and non existent, By that time I had invested about half a million dollars and thousands upon thousands of hours of devoted work. It was a devastatng experience and I left the cult in 1997. I was a gay man before Scintology and I am still gay today, but now I know that all the cult’s expensive procedures to ‘turn me straight’ are false. My story is widely posted on Google under Michael Pattinson Scientology zone of searching. I sued Scientology but they crushed me and my attorney by paying operatives to abuse the legal system against us. I have never regretted leaving Scientology and I encourage current members to simply study the exposed truth on the internet and be free themselves.

    1. Bob Bain says:

      @michael_pattinson:disqus Did you go into Scientology as a way to figure out why you were Gay? I mean this in an inquisitive manner to see what it was that brought you into the world of Scientology.

      How did they treat you as a Gay man at the beginning, and as you progressed further into Scientology without “being straightened out” by their procedures.

    2. Bob Bain says:

      @michael_pattinson:disqus –

      Thanks for taking the time to share a little info on your life and your time in Scientology. You mentioned that you came into Scientology as a gay man and left as one; but in-between that time Scientology had you endure expensive procedures to turn you “straight”. Sadly even today people believe that being homosexual is a choice—and up until several years back— I too believed that as a byproduct of my upbringing.

      But now I tend to believe:
      #1 There is Science backing the probable cause of homosexuality

      #2 If a person believes in the Human soul and reincarnation, that a person’s soul may remember a life as another sex (souls are genderless) and therefor we have homosexuality and transgenderism

      If either of those are true then one has to lean toward this being either the work of nature—or of God.

      Would you mind expanding upon what Procedures were used by Scientology to cure you of something that is to you no more unnatural than it is for us to breath?

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