Immortality of the Gods: The Anunnaki, Christianity, and Black Eyed Children

From ancient texts there comes a truly fascinating tale of Humans or Humanoid beings whose average lifespans exceeded five-hundred years. Over time this unique genetic material appears to have degraded itself outside of modern day human DNA.  Is it possible that such genetic lineage was never part of the average human genome but instead belonged to an ancient and advanced race of intelligent beings known as the Anunnaki?  That is the discussion of today’s show with our guest, Nick Redfern.   [adinserter block=”1″]

Topics touched on include:

 ► Were the Anunnaki responsible for the creation of not one but all the religions on the earth

► Did ancient humans actually live to nearly one-thousand years or was the legends of certain humans living great lengths of time due to a miscalculation of time itself

► Are Grey Aliens (The Greys) a bio-engineered drone type species of extraterrestrial being

► What is the connection between the Ouija board, Men in Black, and Black Eyed Children

► Are Black Eyed Children the result of genetically reengineering the Human DNA with that of the Grey Drones

► Plus more!

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