Alfred Webre, known for his work in exopolitics, joined Bob on The Farside to discuss topics from his latest book, The Omniverse, which delves into transdimensional intelligence, time travel, teleportation, and the secret space program and colony on Mars. Exopolitics, he explained, is the study of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multiverse (multiple universes).

While it would be practical for a planetary organization like the UN to get involved with communications between Earth and an alien civilization, the UN is currently controlled by select nations and doesn’t really represent the populace, he commented. Webre favors the development of a kind of digital democracy, in which each citizen could cast a vote on policy.

Citing the revelations of whistleblowers like Andrew Basiago (who claimed to be a participant in a CIA Mars visitation program in 1980), Webre stated that covert technologies such as time travel and teleportation are based on similar methodologies. Webre said he and Basiago have worked on a Mars Treaty, as part of a larger Outer Space accord.

This is in opposition to the US’ stealth strategy to make Mars the “51st state,” colonizing the planet, and mining its minerals, he detailed. Webre also talked about the nature of souls, which he described as holographic fragments that are part of the divine source.

Book: The Omniverse

Website: Exopolitics.com

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