The creepy ghost lady

Well, it all started about 3, years ago my grandma had moved into a new home when I first walked in I got the creeps but I didn’t think anything of it. Because I was only about 10, so a couple of months go by everything is going fairly well until one night about 3:00am, I left my fan in my sisters car so I went through the back yard to get it as I start to walk I hear a lady and man talking but not talking over one another.

I couldn’t really make out with they were saying so I ran back inside i am more of an night owl so a couple more months ago by I fell asleep on the sofa while I was asleep I feel someone touching my neck and I couldn’t really breathe so I fly up and gasp for air I know sounds fake but I can only wish so I freak out and as it being about 4:00am I don’t want to wake anyone up so I wait until the morning my grandma asks what’s on my neck and I had no idea what she was talking about I told her what happened and of course only being 12, at the time it happened she Just pushed it too the side and I did the same.

Now I am 13, and still have things happen at the house a couple of months ago about 4, maybe I was heading to bed it was about 1:00am I went in my room and was Just on my phone than my door started to move as if someone was trying to open it I have cats so I Just didn’t think anything of it knowing one of them could open my door but than it gets louder and starts shaking I look over and the 2, cats where right in my bed I ran and locked my door and my lights were flickering but they did that sometimes Not enough too go out.

So I fall asleep and wake up at about 3:00am and yep you guessed it she was looking straight at me I freak the hell out she Just stands there I scream as loud as I can but she just keeps staring into my eyes and than all of a sudden she disappeared I was so scared i stayed up after that I was watching a movie a couple of weeks ago I hear stuff in the kitchen like doors opening so I walk out and every cabinet is open and door I close them and just walk away because my movie wasn’t quite over yet I walk out to go to bed they are all open again and I have had so many experiences with the paranormal I have grown use to it but this just didn’t feel right so I looked up the house come too find out alot of witchcraft happened there and things like that two school buses crashed right in front of the house and killed 3 children I try to avoid going to her house now because of the ghost but she comes to me in my dreams I know this sounds fake but it’s not and trust me I wish it was Just be careful and do a background check of the new house you’re moving into or this could be you.

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