Mysterious Beasts: Cryptozoology Field Investigator, Ken Gerhard

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Are there truly mysterious beasts of a cryptozoological nature creeping around in forests, waterways, or otherwise unexplored areas of the earth?
Ken Gerhard believes that is the case and why he has dedicated his life to investigating claims of humanoid creatures, gargantuan water creatures, and other mysterious beasts. Unlike other cryptozoologists, Ken Gerhard has worked in a zoo as a volunteer and feels the experience has given him a better understanding of animal behaviors.   [adinserter block=”1″]

Topics touched on include:
►Does Ken believe he will ever find key evidence, or a golden ticket, to break open the world of cryptozoology for mainstream investigation

►Mysterious Beasts of the Amazon Jungle

►Is Bigfoot real, or merely a fabrication by people wanting to be the next P.T. Barnum

►Larger than life wasps, spiders and coconut crabs

►Insects with the ability to cloak themselves

►Reasons why lake monsters could be real, compared to Bigfoot

Plus much more!


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