Nine Waves of Creation: Quantum Physics and The Holographic Evolution

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What are the nine waves of creation?

The nine waves of creation are frequencies and vibrations that originated from what is known as the big bang.  But to date nobody has been able to explain exactly what triggered the Big Bang…or what it was to begin with.  On Mysterious Matters episode 90, and the last episode of 2016, we will touch on the Nine Waves of Creation: Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution, and the Destiny of Humanity.  
Joining us today is Carl Johan Calleman.  [adinserter block=”1″] 

Dr. Carl Calleman’s theory is one where the big bang— supposed creator of our universe— was but one branch, out of thousands of growth spurt branches, from a cosmological tree of life.

Topics touched on include:

► Does quantum physics offer a definitive answer that combines both the belief of creation, and of evolution?

► Are we speeding toward a new wave of evolution?

► Is it possible that memories from our ancestors could be passed down from generation to generation through either genetic material or another form of invisible natural, but unknown phenomenon?

► If life is a holographic illusion, then what is the purpose of life, and in the same token why create different religious belief systems focusing on various Gods when we are in all probability communicating the same universal being of consciousness?

► If nobody is around to hear a tree fall, does it still make a sound?

► Would it be possible for someone to hack into these waves of creation and thereby being able to possess an individual, or several individuals, to manipulate thoughts and actions?

► Are these nine waves of creation spoken of in the book of Revelation, in the Christian bible, through a symbolic form known as the seven trumpets?

►Does the nine waves of creation theory have room for explaining the existence of parallel universes

And more!

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