Ian Punnett: From Nashville to Coast to Coast | Black Night for the BlueGrass Belle

Legendary Broadcaster, Ian Punnett joined Mysterious Matters to discuss his days working in Nashville, TN (WKDF) to his days at Coast to Coast AM. In this episode, you will get an intimate look into the life of Ian Punnett.   Bob and Ian discuss if Coast to Coast AM of today with George Noory is more corporate controlled than it was when Art Bell had been at the height of his success.  [adinserter block=”1″] 

The discussion of Talk Radio continues as Bob mentions some of his mentors and how Teddy Bart of Nashville, TN had created a show like Coast to Coast AM back in 1987 (prior to Art Bell even contemplated a move away from politics).    Ian said, “Art Bell had been lucky, he was at the right place at the right time, with the right voice and content. Other people have done similar content driven shows but never reached Art’s success. It was like catching lighting in a bottle.”    

Bob and Ian then turn the discussion to focus on Ian’s new True Crime book called “A Black Night for the Bluegrass Belle“. It focuses on the murder of his grandmother’s first cousin, Verna Garr Taylor.   This is the classic tale of unrequited love gone horribly wrong and justice was almost never dished out. That’s what happens when you’re a rich and powerful person with friends in high places. As a white male in the 1930’s, former Brigadier General, and Lt Governor of Kentucky, Henry Denhardt felt as though he was untouchable.

Prior to Verna Garr Taylor’s death there was another…and Denhardt was seen at the location of another woman’s death (Patricia Wilson). Her ghost has since been known to haunt the hotel in which her physical body was either thrown down an elevator shaft or she accidentally fell into it. This ghost is known as, The Blue Lady of Seelbach Hilton (Louisville, KY). Whether Denhardt was responsible for Patricia Wilson’s death… nobody will ever know.

But Denhardt was a narcissistic sociopath. It was also brought up how it appears, President Elect Donald Trump shares a lot of the same narcissistic sociopath (or psychopath) characteristics with Henry Denhardt.


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