A Ghostly Welcome

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Back in 1989 my parents purchased an acre of land and in 1990 we had moved into a newly built house. The history of the land itself was unknown to me at the time, but today I am aware of its bloody history during the Civil War, and that of the surrounding land. During the Civil War the land was part of a larger estate, and the house (which still stood until five years ago) was used as both a Hospital and as a base of operations for the underground railroad.

The latter part we didn’t find out until the current owner of the house tore it down to build a new one. Though it had since collapsed we found evidence supporting the idea that whomever operated the Hospital also operated in quietly moving people underground. To further engage your imagination as to the area, right across from both the old house and its former farmland, just across the creek, once stood the old fair-ground. This is where southern soldiers were camping for a spell, before the northern soldiers burned the fair-ground and a lot of Confederate soldiers died from serious injuries related to the fire.  [adinserter block=”1″]

Now flash forward to 1990 when we move into our new house. My brother was coming in from work one early morning around 3am, and when he pulled into the driveway he swore he had seen four individuals hanging with ropes around their necks from a tree that today no longer stands. He could hear them whispering to each other, but couldn’t make out what was being said. Instead he felt as though they were welcoming us to their home. My own personal encounter may have been around the same night, or close to the same night; soon after we moved in.

I had been sleeping in my room, when suddenly the sound of somebody knocking at my window jarred me awake. The first few times were ignored, but the knocking became more intense as though someone…or something had wanted my attention. Turning my head toward the blinded window, before me was the silhouette of a person, hovering in a horizontal position waving. I never built enough courage to see what was out there on the other side of the window, but forced myself to believe it was merely an illusion of the moonlight and a tree…although this event never again occurred. Strange things happen for their own strange reasons… and seeing people hanging from a tree, or hearing knocking on your bedroom window at night are just the icing on top of the foundational layers of para normal experiences.

What would go about your mind if you were to one morning wake up from slumber, still lying on the bed…but then realize that the actual mattress upon which you had been sleeping on was no longer under you…but instead was now on the floor?

How would you feel if that same bed had the sound of somebody knocking from underneath, and at times the bed would shake uncontrollably with no known explanation as to why it was happening in the first place?

What would you do if you were watching an older style TV, where you had to physically get up and twist the knob to change channels… and it began changing channels by itself and would even turn itself off with an audible click of the power button?

These events have happened… These are but mere fragments of my personal, Para-Normal experiences.

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  1. critter says:

    Good ghost story post. It reads like someone who should be interviewed on one of your shows, Bob.

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