Chronicles of John Titor: Secret Space Program ► Time Manipulation

John Titor II and Jason Quitt drop by Mysterious Matters and kicked off the conversation with their plans to excavate and recover an advance extraterrestrial craft (UFO) that is 300 feet across and has been on the Earth for 20,000 to 30,000 years.   The show was originally booked with our dear friend and well respected Canadian journalist, Bob Mitchell… unfortunately Bob Mitchell passed away on September 21st of 2016.   Bob was one of the utmost respected independent researchers of alien abduction claims, UFO sightings, and claims of other anomalous phenomena.   [adinserter block=”1″]

John Titor II said because of his time working at Area 51 that he would have the technical know-how to operate the UFO. However, there might be a preset automatic course directive for when the advanced alien craft is rebooted and operational.

The conversation continues to discuss the stature of a Grey Alien in comparison to that of an Annunaki and each species’ own aerodynamic and ergonomic requirements for their own respective craft.

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