Spiritual Entities with Rosemary Ellen Guiley


Halloween Stories of Ghosts and Mythologies of Halloween

Rosemary Ellen Guiley joined The Farside to discuss her research into various paranormal and mythological phenomena.
Djinn has been known through many centuries by various names, including the fabled “Genie”. Rosemary Ellen Guiley takes us on a conversational journey to confront the truths behind the myths. The topics covered are in-depth, and some may find themselves questioning whether the Djinn, and the biblical fallen angels , are one and the same.  The legends behind both are so similar, that it does appear that they are related in some fashion, if not the same.

What are the Djinn

Can the Djinn possess a Person

Are the Djinn related to Demons

Are the Djinn related to Fallen Angel

Do Ghosts become Stronger on Halloween

Are there Seasonal Entities

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