Month: August 2015

UFO Phenomenon: Should You Believe?

[powerpress] THE UFO PHENOMENON Should you believe in UFOs? If you question why the subject of UFOs should be taken seriously, then listen up. Dr. Robert Davis crossed over to The Farside and discussed fascinating evidence, new perspectives, and detailed analysis. This UFO interview between Dr. Robert Davis, and host Bob Bain, is a thought-provoking…

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Haunted Plantations of the South | Haunted Route 66

[powerpress] Haunted Plantations of the South is the work of paranormal researcher, Richard Southall. Richard tends to explore the history behind each haunting and even delve into the lives of those who presumably are haunting the locations. 

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Connecting with your Higher Self – The Spirit of Alchemy

[powerpress] Karen A. Dahlman sat down with Bob for an in-depth discussion surrounding both the divine feminine and the divine masculine. More to come. Website: Books: The Spirit of Alchemy

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