Hoodoo Conjure: Low Country Shamanism of the Carolinas and Georgia


The History of Hoodoo Conjure as told and researched by, Psychotherapist, Dr. Paul Leslie.

More info to come.


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2 comments on “Hoodoo Conjure: Low Country Shamanism of the Carolinas and Georgia

  1. Sanchodelrancho says:

    Thanks for bringing this to us Bob. These occult practices are common in the South just under the surface. From my experience other versions are being imported through our Latino immigrant population too. On a different note perhaps one day we can talk about the book I’m finishing “The Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Seville”.

    1. Bob Bain says:

      This was an interesting discussion from my perspective because I had never heard of Hoodoo before Dr. Leslie got in touch with me. Everyone has heard of Voodoo and may automatically assume the two are intertwined religions or rituals, which according to Dr. Leslie, is not the case.

      When you’ve completed the book let me know.
      You can always reach me for scheduling an interview through the guest bookings link @ http://thefarside.tv/guest-bookings

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