Predictions for 2015: John Hogue shares 10 Predictions for 2015 – Prophecies


What awaits the world during the upcoming months of 2015?
To find the possible answer to that question, we invited a world renowned prophetic forecaster to sit down with us to discuss the potential flow of energy that has already been heading toward a brunt collision…. with society.

John Hogue

John Hogue is more than just the number one expert on the life and prophecies of Nostradamus. He also claims to be a skilled prophetic seer and forecaster of future events. There are multiple factors that are going to play a pivotal role in the upcoming year of 2015.

Was the Ferguson, Mo., incident more than a boiling point stirred by racial division?
Will digital currency replace the American dollar, and more than that, become the future of the world financial market?
These questions and more are answered in this episode of Bob Bain’s Farside.

Predictions for 2015

John Hogue’s ten key predictions for the year 2015.


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Bob Bain: From Nashville Tennessee and broadcasting throughout the world, you have now crossed over to — The Farside. Welcome back to the program everyone. We are just two days shy from celebrating our one year anniversary. We began this journey on Friday, January 18th 2014 — it feels great to be here almost one year later.

On tonight’s show we are going to look into the forecast for 2015 with a world renowned prophetic forecaster. Our guest this evening is none other than, John Hogue.

John, welcome back to The Farside.

John Hogue: Thanks for having me on Bob.

Bob Bain: It’s great to have you here with us. You have a new booklet out titled “Ten predictions for 2015 and the future of Richness”, which can be found at and also by visiting

This is a small sampling of an upcoming book; when do you anticipate a release?

John Hogue: Well, the first book came out on the 20th, I figured because I’m a little delayed in the second book which is.. this book is about 11,000 word booklet — what i am writing right now is going to be around 80,000 words. Because there’s so much to talk about in what’s coming in this pivotal year.

The ten key predictions are a different set of predictions that look at a larger overview in ten short essays. With a longer essay looking at — well, it’s basically a transcript.  I was asked to write a speech for a gathering of what I might call the one percenters.

A multi billionaire had been turned onto my writings and wanted  me to deliver some messages about 2015. I thought this would be a great opportunity to look at a subject that I don’t often write about,  though wanted to write about very much; is a very important theme pivotal to our future.

That’s how, rather than put down the one percent and kind of collectively paint them with a brush of being a corporate evil, the truth is that we’re all individuals gathered in groups and there are good people, a lot of good people in the one percent who actually understand something the future is offering them to do, inviting them to do. That is to use the power and influence  that they have to turn the world towards a more democratic and better understanding of wealth — a more wealth sharing experience.

I wanted to write about the experiences that I had with my own meditation teacher Osho, who was known at the time in the 80’s as the guru of the rich. Because since most religions were busy making novel poverty, Osho said there’s got to be at least somebody who will be a guru for the rich.

He meant that as a talking point to expand the subject to the subject of richness, and all dimensions.

What I came to understand by studying meditation with him is that the religions in the past have divided the world, dividing individuals as well. I mean, the term Individual means undividual is a whole person but we are often divided for instance the earth is evil, heaven is good and what he had understood as more Hermetic tradition which is as above so below — all is sacred.

That means that you cannot have the earth unsacred and heaven sacred. You cannot have a richness that’s just spiritual that does not also equate into the currency of how we we pass wealth amongst each other.

They’re really all connected and so Osho is trying, as I understood it, to unite and connected and harmonize these things. So I wrote an essay which is the climax of this book called the future of richness where I looked at the concept of richness from my experience, unusual experiences of living in India, studying in India with a guru — and a guru that was quite unusual in his own right and so I couldn’t be at this meeting so I had this essay sent to the meeting of these people and so I basically had my first opportunity to address the people who belong to the 1% of our population that have so much of the wealth and influence.

Bob Bain:  When did you first begin to hone your ability to forecast future events?

John Hogue:  I’ve been fascinated by history and current events since I was young and in the study of that I got into history because I got fascinated by the patterns in which we keep repeating things in different costumes, and with different technology, and different dogmas of religion to ennoble are our crimes and misdemeanors — in the name of whomever is our deity.

I noticed that there’s a pattern that seems to continue throughout history. I’d then as I started studying meditation and religions of the world I saw in the scriptures and the seers of religions, prophets, a similar pattern being repeated for the future.

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