Rebel Angels In Exile: A Fallen Angel’s Story – Paranormal Podcast

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Timothy Wyllie appeared on the January 9th show to discuss his latest book titled Rebel Angels In Exile, which is the third book in his series detailing the author’s perceived events that he claims to have knowledge of.  As with every show, it is left up to the listener to decide what it is they believe or disbelieve

Process Church

Aware of Discarnate Beings

Enlightened State of Awareness

Angelic War against God

Was Lucifer given a Bad Rap

37 Planets Affected by the Lucifer Rebellion

According to Timothy, there were a total of 37 worlds affected by the Lucifer Rebellion.

Angelic Awakening

How will dormant Angelic beings recognize themselves

Do Demonic Entities Exist

Does The Power of Prayer Work

Yes, but at a minimal level. Timothy believes that while the power of thoughts (or prayers) are real, that even when combined with thousands of other thoughts (or prayers) focusing on the same intent, the result will not be a significant impact.

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